Learn Hindi

Hindi (हिंदी), is the official language of India and is written in the Devanagari script which is also used for many other languages like Sanskrit, Nepali and Marathi. It has thirty-three consonants and eleven vowels and is written from left to right. The vowels come first followed by consonants based on their phonetic sound articulation in the mouth.  

Our mission with the interactive hindi app, “Hindi Play & Learn” is to make learning hindi fun for children. Each hindi letter and its association is uniquely designed and created into a cartoon character. Every character is dressed from either a state of India or represents a cultural trivia about India. Through fun animations, interactive tracing tutorials and puzzles, children get a chance to learn the language and the Indian culture.  

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India West: Using a host of colorful characters such as an owl and butterfly, iPad app “ Hindi Play & Learn” aims to create an interactive Hindi learning experience while exploring Indian culture at the same time.

India Journal: Now, learning about Indian culture and its language just became fun, cool and interactive, thanks to “Hindi Play & Learn.”  What is unique about this app is the creation of 49 original high-end cartoon characters that are both visually stunning and authentically Indian..

Hindi Vowels: Fun hindi animations to learn hindi alphabets for children.