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Shoonya Jungle Animals, a new iOS app is here with all new animals! It offers an interactive experience for children to view animals as their friends, enjoy them as pets, and delight in dressing them up as they do themselves while learning the names of fifteen jungle animals in nine different languages: English, Spanish, German, Arabic, Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Telugu, and Gujarati.

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A stunningly beautiful, culturally rich app for children to learn multiple languages & be exposed to other cultures.
— Prof. Dorothy Chun, UCSB (Second language acquisition, computer-mediated computer learning and teaching with digital media)
Spark imagination as children dress up animals with clothing, textiles, and designs sourced from around the world. Each animal name is introduced in a full sentence, along with vocabulary words describing outfits and landscapes.
— Moms With Apps. (Supporting the thoughtful use of technology)
Love the app!
Our kids are big fans of Shoonya’s apps. They really enjoyed playing with the farm animals . It is amazing to see so many clothing from different parts of the world and to play with multiple languages. My son has a friend who speaks German so he learnt to speak animal animals in German to impress him. He also speak hindi at home so he is learning. We have always needed to get different apps to support different languages so we are very happy that this company encourages multiple languages at the same time.
— Mother of two boys.
Great app!! 4 year old loves it.. ★★★★★
Another great app from Shoonya! My 4 year old enjoyed the Farm animals app a lot and simply loves the Jungle animals app. The animations, music and accessories are fun, engaging and effective. I love how something that my son thinks of purely as play, grows his vocabulary and introduces him to the sounds, attire and accessories of different cultures.
— serenitymovement , 04/06/2018
Another fantastic app in the series ★★★★★
What better way to teach kids about languages and cultures than through animals - kids love them!! The characters are cute - my favorite is the tortoise. My daughter enjoyed learning what animals are called in different languages - the outfits are engaging and so are the expressions!!
— ParentSquare, 03/28/2018