what is it about?

Shoonya Jungle Animals is here with all new animals! It offers an interactive experience for children to view animals as their friends, enjoy them as pets, and delight in dressing them up as they do themselves while learning the names of fifteen jungle animals in nine different languages: English, Spanish, German, Arabic, Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Telugu, and Gujarati.

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A stunningly beautiful, culturally rich app for children to learn multiple languages & be exposed to other cultures.
— Prof. Dorothy Chun, UCSB (Second language acquisition, computer-mediated computer learning and teaching with digital media)
Spark imagination as children dress up animals with clothing, textiles, and designs sourced from around the world. Each animal name is introduced in a full sentence, along with vocabulary words describing outfits and landscapes.
— Moms With Apps. (Supporting the thoughtful use of technology)