what is it about?

Hindi Play & Learn offers a fun interactive way for your child to learn hindi and get a taste of Indian culture, its vibrant colors and music through forty nine animations, tracing and puzzles. 

By watching originally designed characters sing, play and dance with the alphabets, children will learn character association. Each character highlights a specificity of India that helps children explore India in a unique way. 

Step by step tracing tutorials help teach and practice alphabet writing. Alphabet sound repetition on each page helps bring focus on the right alphabet pronunciation. To top it off, kids can play fun puzzles to bring the characters to life!

iPad app uses cartoon characters to teach Hindi.
Using a host of colorful cartoon characters such as an owl and a butterfly, iPad app “Hindi Play & Learn” aims to create an interactive Hindi learning experience while exploring Indian culture at the same time.
Help Kids Re-connect With India
‘Hindi Play & Learn’ that has become the fastest grown Hindi app on the app store. Now, learning about Indian culture and its language just became fun, cool and interactive, thanks to ‘Hindi Play & Learn. What is unique about this app is the creation of 49 original high- end cartoon characters that are both visually stunning and authentically Indian.
Fun for all ages★★★★★
with the subtle hidden ‘Indian’ gems - cricket, tika, indian shoes - and want to learn more. Highly recommended to anyone looking to teach hindi alphabet to their kids in a fun way while also gathering facts about Indian culture and items.
— Anupama Vaid, Parent Square, Founder - USA
Great Hindi App ★★★★★
What beautiful and engaging animation on Hindi Play and Learn! My son is captivated by the sensorial richness of this app and loves learning Hindi in a way that resembles his own English language learning in his Montessori classroom.
— PJ Carmean, Montessori Mom & High School Teacher.
Brilliant App ★★★★★
This is a fantastic app to introduce Hindi alphabets to young children in a fun way. The animation is thoughtful and meaningful and the words have been articulated very clearly. This app is just perfect for NRI parents .. highly recommend this.”
— Neil's Dad, MBA @ Oxford, Financial Planner, UK
Awesome app - my kids and I both love it! ★★★★★
This is an amazingly good app. My 6 year old and 2 year old are both hooked! Great animations, very cute characters, lots of interactivity (puzzles, writing practice) and (my personal favorite) exposure to Indian culture through Indianized characters and little factoids thrown in. Very nicely done with a lot of attention to detail. Strongly recommended!
— Kimaya, Mother of two, Ph.D, Research Scientist, USA