Trick or Treat with Shoonya


By: Karina Ochoa Manzo

Halloween is today, Tuesday October 31st, also known as a SCHOOL NIGHT!!!! Curb the Candy Craze treats don’t just have to be candy this Halloween! Treat your kids to a break from candy and allow some fun into the holiday spirit by having them dress-up with Shoonya Farm Animals!

Guide to a Happy Healthy Halloween:

  1. Have a nice meal before heading out to trick or treating

  2. Walk instead of driving

  3. Come home after going on a 30-40 minute walk!

  4. Sort the Candy

  5. Allow your kids a break by having them play dress-up with Shoonya Farm Animals! (this step will be a great alternative to indulging in tons of candy, plus it is still very fun)

  6. Successful bedtime, happy child, happy parent!


This Halloween Have no fear Shoonya gots you treats!


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