Engagement and Technology

By: Karina Ochoa Manzo


"I believe that when students participate in "learning by doing" it helps them focus more. Technology helps them to do that. Students will always be extremely excited when using technology." Heather Wolpert-Gawron,ELA Teacher, Middle School, Curriculum Coordinator TOSA

Shoonya’s purpose is to cope with this new generation of global citizens and to provide a tool in which children learn by doing. 

  1.  They receive immediate reinforcement when they press any key on the application. 

  2. A complete sentence is on the screen showing a visual image with audio.  

  3. The audio not only reads a complete sentence, but also plays music in the home screen, which keeps children engaged. 

"We have entered a digital age of video, Facebook, Twitter, etc., and they [have] become more of a daily thing for teens and students. When we use tech, it engages me more and lets me understand the concept more clearly."Heather Wolpert-Gawron, ELA Teacher, Middle School, Curriculum Coordinator TOSA

The new generation of global citizens has entered the world in the digital age described above. Providing education through an app is mother nature to the children of today. Setting hands in an app such as Shoonya’s farm animals is exciting and intriguing for this generation. Let’s give children the tools that are most comfortable for them today. 

Rashi Bahri